Viral Marketing Basics

  • September 16, 2014
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Viral Marketing Basics - Viral Marketing Basics

Viral marketing is an approach that allows a large audience to be reached at a very fast rate. These marketing tools are generally used to let customers know about a new company or a new product, or to simply revive the business of a tried and true product or company. Most marketing professionals are able to perfect their viral marketing skills through practice on different advertising campaigns. Companies who wish to attempt viral advertising should be familiar with why content goes viral, how to create a viral advertisement, and which types of advertisements are most likely to go viral.

Why does content go viral?

Content is able to go viral because of the word of mouth of current or potential customers. An initial person will view or watch the content, and if they enjoy it or find it useful, they will tell their friends. In this way, word of the content is able to spread quickly with social media links and share features. A piece of content’s social currency, the emotions that it triggers, and its practicality all have an effect on the way that the content is shared.

How is viral content created?

The first step in creating viral content is to have something that will appeal to a large variety of people and meet many needs. Content pieces that are targeted for a larger audience are more likely to go viral than those that target a smaller, more specific demographic. At the same time, it can sometimes be effective to let a smaller group of people in on the content first and make them feel as though they are “in the know.” This exclusive feeling will make them more apt to share the content with their friends.

Which types of content are more likely to go viral?

Videos and easy-to-understand images and infographics are among the pieces of content most likely to go viral. However, choosing content that is new or exciting is important and means more than the type of content being shared. For example, a boring or uninformative video or infographic will not be as successful as a well-written and engaging blog post. Choosing your subject and topic effectively is more important than the medium that you use to deliver it.

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Viral Marketing Basics by Dynamo Web Solutions - Viral Marketing Basics

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