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At Dynamo Web Solutions, we genuinely care about helping you, the health care provider, develop the best medical practice in Southern California. Each and every one of our clients has received our undivided attention and in turn, increased their medical practices number of patients, quality of service, and profitability. We stand so strongly by our mission, that we have become more than just a digital marketing agency. We are your partners who are available day in and day out to help you drive the success of your business.
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Client Relation Manager and Marketing Specialist
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Full Stack Developer- PHP Certified/Magento Certified
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Senior Developer
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Google AdWords Manager
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SEO Consultant
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Business Development
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Mobile Application Developer
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Client Relation Manager
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Senior Project Manager
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Full Stack Developer- PHP Certified/Magento Certified
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Social Media Ads Manager
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Senior Financial Analyst
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Project Manager
They are a pleasure to work with. Very Knowledgeable and professional team, with a genuine intent to help your business. I highly recommend them!
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Hemmy Darbani
21:18 27 Mar 20
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Dan Antonielli
18:49 29 May 19
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Nima Tavakoli
08:27 16 Feb 18
I have worked with Dynamo Web Solutions team on webdesign, optimization and several marketing projects. The team is very knowledgeable, efficient and timely. I specially like the fact that they think out of the box and have some innovative and up to date marketing strategies.I strongly recommend working with them and think your business will see an immediate boost in visitors and sales.
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susan shahidi
00:06 04 Oct 13

Based in Orange County, Dynamo Web Solutions is a digital marketing agency specializing in marketing for medical groups and healthcare practitioners.

Consisting of experienced digital marketers, website developers, graphic designers, SEO experts, and medical content writers, our team works together to increase traffic to your website and drive more patients to your practice. As competition for patients continue to rise, majority of Americans are looking online for their medical information. Dynamo Web Solutions helps healthcare providers increase their engagement with patients and enhance their visibility on the web.
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