Advantage Healthcare Systems

We are aware of the intricate and detailed differences between the needs of multi-specialty and single specialty centers. We offer a full range of services that can be customized to each client’s needs – from determining feasibility to development and strategic marketing to recruiting physician partners to facilitating management and equity positions. As health care becomes even more competitive, health care providers must search for opportunities for alternative sources of revenue. Physicians, hospital administrators and their staffs are now required to do more with less – completing more work in the same amount of time – which is why the expertise of Advantage is such a valuable tool. By retaining Advantage, healthcare providers have the opportunity to concentrate on their daily duties while enabling Advantage’s experienced team to develop the ambulatory businesses required to be economically sound. To be successful in the new marketplace, they need the expertise the Advantage team offers. Advantage understands the realities and opportunities of the new marketplace and knows there are many opportunities and obstacles available. Advantage’s service highlights the opportunities and sidesteps the obstacles.

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