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As a leading Orange County search engine optimization company, Dynamo Web Solutions understands the value of what is known as “pay-per-click” ads used by web design firms in the regular course of search engine marketing. Pay-per-clicks are just that: every time a user sees your ad at the top of an online search listing and “clicks” on it, you pay. That can add up, depending on they keyboards that got them there, as well as the market value of your placement. Why pay what could be a large bill at the end of the month for this service? With Dynamo Web Placement, you don’t have to!

We provide prime web placement for our clients that offer as much or even more exposure than traditional pay-per-click ads. With flat low rate sponsored advertisement, we can put you and your practice in the online forefront! While the costs of your web placed ad may differ because of key words and related market values, your business will only incur a pre-determined flat cost. The good news is that with this once-monthly fee, users may “click” on your ad over and over without a increasing your budget. Importantly, your search listing will always be amongst the top competitors in the main body of the search. While it is important for our clients to have easily SEO-rendered “organic” listings, it is also crucial to use sponsored web placement ads. The most important reason is instant recognition in search engine results. This, in turn, drives lots of critical traffic directly to your door through your website. As we analyze the effect of these listings, user traffic and purchase patterns of your site,

Dynamo Web Solutions can alter your listing content, its frequency and even position to work for your market even better.

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Placing ads on search engines or elsewhere on the internet can effectively market yourpractice to potential patients, therefore increasing your patient base and generating more website traffic. Strategic web placement does for your business what word of mouth simply cannot do on its own. One of the ways to achieve ad placement is to participate in pay-per-click advertisements, but Dynamo web placement offers something a step above.

Pay-per-click advertising places your website at the top of search engine listings. Whenever a visitor clicks on your link, you pay for the click, which can result in a large amount of money spent at the end of each month. Our web placement service determines one monthly flat rate for your business based on its prime keywords and market focus – which means that you get the benefit of prime ad placement without unpredictable fees.

Why should I use an expert for web placement?

Search engines make web placement and pay-per-click ads a practice that anyone can utilize. While that is a good thing, it is also troublesome for businesses who are not mindful of the ads that they are using or when they should be placed. With Dynamo web placement services, we are able to utilize our team of experienced search engine experts to make sure that your ad uses the correct wording and imagery that is proven to result in more clicks to your website. We take the worry out of the process for you by sticking with what works for your industry.


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