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Pay-Per-Click Management

Through pay-per-click’s long reach and exposure, our health care providers can gain the visibility they need online to acquire more patients in need of their services.

Our team of Google Partners and paid advertising specialists at Dynamo Web Solutions know exactly what it takes to get your practice advertised at the top of search engines and in front of potential patients.

Search engines only give effective ad-rankings when online advertisers create relevant, well-targeted pay-per-click campaigns. For that reason, it is important to work with a team who has had years of experience and great success in Google AdWords and other paid advertising platforms.

Our pay-per-click services include paid search ads, social advertising, display advertising, and video advertising that helps our healthcare providers increase their patient acquisition and achieve their business objectives.

Paid Search Advertising

Dynamo’s team of experienced paid search advertisers will help you excel to the top of the Google Ad rankings, and use the most targeted and cost effective approach to your online advertising.

Social Media Advertising

Our team uses social media targeting to advertise most effectively to the specific audience that would be interested in your healthcare services on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Display Advertising

Consisting of banner ads, rich media, and more, Dynamo will place your display ads in relevant webpages for potential patients to click and link back to your website.

Video Advertising

As experts in the digital marketing industry, Dynamo Web Solutions can create video advertising for your healthcare practice to appear before or after relevant video streams online.


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Let us help you get your practice online, and together grow it with passion



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