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Dynamo Web Solutions has been developing a unique series of search engine marketing (SEM) strategies that have helped and continue to help our diverse client base. What distinguishes SEM from organic search engine optimization is overall cost and the immediate impact that it makes on the business that utilizes it. While SEM-sponsored ads and pay-per-clicks may require more marketing funding initially, it drives practice listings right the very top of pertinent user searches. This, of course, often results in conversions from mere visitors to regular patients.

We offer pay-per-click ads, which allow you to pay as you go. Pay-per-click ads and listings are often the first hit by users. On the other hand, we also offer sponsored ads for fixed monthly rates, which are not affected by the number of users who “click” to check out a health care website. We also can create some of the most attractive and relevant graphic banner ads for your practice, which we place on relevant sites that your potential clients might seek out. For the best search engine marketing in Orange County built into your company website strategy, call us today at Dynamo Web Solutions to see exactly what we can do for your health care internet presence!


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Let us help you get your practice online, and together grow it with passion



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