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Dynamo Web Solutions, an Orange County-based web company, offers clients a wide variety of Internet services designed to build, expand, and enhance web presence. From website building and graphic design to search engine optimization updates and social media marketing, Dynamo Web Solutions strives to provide the entire Internet presence experience for clients while relieving them of the need to juggle multiple strategies or streams of content at once. With Internet presence and branding only increasing in importance every day with today’s technology, Dynamo Web Solutions is prepared to act quickly to help clients establish their practice online and extend a loyal patient base while also providing up to date information about the current market and creating fresh and engaging content. For health care practices ready to create or build upon an already existing web presence, a thorough and knowledgeable web management company makes all the difference for your brand.

Are you trying to create web presence for your practice, or maybe improve the one that you already have? At Dynamo Web Solutions, our experts can help you follow the right steps to ensure success. Improving your website with organic content and appropriate keyword density is important, but just like with strictly brick and mortar entities, the appropriate advertising will take you a step ahead of the competition.
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While pay-per-click ads are an option for any company with an online presence, the rates are unpredictable each month. Instead, we offer our clients the option to place ads online for flat monthly rate that won’t change according to the number of clicks your ad receives. We determine your rate based on our research of your market and the keywords that will work best for your practice, so you can rest assured that your business is getting the ad placement it needs.

Accessing the world of pay-per-click ads and monthly sponsored ads through Dynamo Web Solutions means that you aren’t left to figure out the marketing budget and perfect keyword centered ads all on your own. We will make sure that you get the perfect mix of sponsored ads, pay-per-click ads, and search engine optimization all included in your monthly rate.

But if I’m paying for SEO services, why do I need ads?

Useful link thumb 1 - Dynamo Web SolutionsSearch engine optimization is extremely important, but each aspect of internet and search engine marketing has its own benefits. SEO is significant because of its organic impact, but it also takes time to move up search engine result pages and build a visitor base. Ads get your website visible right at the top of search engine result pages and other websites, and only when a target user is already using keywords that are relevant to your practice. It allows your marketing to be much more precise and narrowed down to fewer keywords than SEO efforts require.

The true success of your practice’s online campaign comes from balancing all of your options carefully. At Dynamo Web Solutions, we look at your target demographic, location, services, competitors, and more in order to determine what your best plan should include.

Content Management and Marketing

An additional service provided by Dynamo Web Solutions is content management and marketing. With this service, your website receives fresh, original, and useful content consistently in order to bring traffic to your website and also build your reputation in the industry. The new content is then marketed across social media platforms and blogs. We take care of everything for you with our experienced team, so that you don’t have to give a second thought to the relevant content on your site.

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