The Unseen Effects of Negative Reviews

  • August 19, 2016
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The Unseen Effects of Negative Reviews Dynamo Web Solutions - The Unseen Effects of Negative Reviews

There are a number of busy medical professionals who don’t pay much attention to the reviews they receive online. Good or bad, they turn a blind eye to the public, and their thoughts on the services they provide. Many doctors do this with the belief that when people are sick, or if they need a specialized procedure done, they are going to come to them regardless of what the reviews online have to say.

However, this is not necessarily the case. In addition to a doctor losing current patients and not gaining new ones, there are a number of other unseen effects of negative online reviews for doctors. Some of the most impactful effects can be found here:

Doctors May Not Be Able to Respond

Even if a doctor does care about their reputation and wants to do something about negative reviews, due to confidentiality obligations, a response is often impossible. Unlike other small business owners, doctors owe each patient a duty of confidentiality. As a result, they cannot respond adequately to the negative comment left behind, leaving others to believe it as being true.

Negative Reviews Can Lead to Lack of Solicitation

Many doctors, in all practice areas, utilize solicitation from medical drug and equipment vendors to provide their practices with the latest and greatest in the medical field. However, if negative reviews online are numerous, they may no longer receive these free samples and products. This can hurt their ability to provide their patients with the quality care they want and deserve.

Patients May Leave Unrelated Comments About Service

While some negative reviews may address the diagnosis or medication involved with the visit, others may be personal issues a patient has with a doctor or another staff member. In these situations, the review may not have anything to do directly with the doctor’s ability, but still impact their reputation in a negative manner.

While the online reputation of a doctor may not seem like a big deal, it can impact the entire practice. Taking an active role in monitoring the reviews and comments posted, as well as making an effort to get new, positive reviews, can impact the doctor in a positive manner. In many cases, it may even counterbalance the negative reviews posted in the past.

Regardless of what area of medicine the doctor practices in, being aware of their reputation and ensuring it remains positive is a must. Enlisting the assistance of an Orange County internet marketing company can help ensure new patients continually come to the office and seek the services being offered.

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