How to Create an Engaging Healthcare Blog

  • April 20, 2018
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How to Create an Engaging Healthcare Blog Dynamo Web Solutions - How to Create an Engaging Healthcare Blog

Original content that’s relevant and informative is what matters most to many consumers today, including ones in need of some type of medical care. It only stands to reason that meaningful content can be impactful within the healthcare industry given the personal nature of patient relationships. If you happen to be in the process of creating a blog for your practice, or your current blog is on life support, here are some tips to consider as part of your efforts to create an engaging and effective healthcare blog.

Tell Personal Stories

You’re more likely to form a personal connection with your blog readers if you tell stories with your content. One of the simplest ways to do this is by providing more detailed doctor and staff backgrounds. Other healthcare brands go further and tell inspiring patient stories to illustrate the possible benefits of successful results from treatments.

Draw Inspiration from Trending News

There’s always compelling healthcare news that’s trending on search engines or within various newsfeeds. Use news stories relevant to your particular care specialties as a basis for new blog posts. But don’t just recap the story. Use trending healthcare news as a basis for articles where you share your own opinions and insights. An example of this would be discussing a condition a celebrity has or a procedure a well-known athlete had done.

Use Infographics to Generate Interest

Sixty percent of businesses routinely use infographics for marketing purposes. These visual presentations of facts can also catch the eye of online searchers when included in your healthcare blog. When preparing an infographic, pick a theme or purpose. For instance, you could present reasons to get a flu shot or common causes of back pain. Just remember to include sources for your facts. Keywords can also be used in your infographic titles to attract attention on search engines.

Present Surveys and Publish Results

Mix up your blog posts by including posts where you solicit feedback by conducting a survey. You might do this by setting up a situation, like discussing common home remedies people often try before seeing a doctor. Wrap up the post by asking readers what home remedies they’ve tried. Use the responses you get to do a follow-up post where you list the results and offer your opinion on the responses.

Fresh, engaging blog content won’t serve your practice well if you’re not effectively promoting it. Use your social media accounts to announce new posts. If you send out regular email newsletters, links to your blog can be included to give subscribers another source of content. Finally, link your blog to your Google Analytics reports to get a better idea of the results you’re getting and what content is inspiring the most interaction with your practice.

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