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The web services offered by Dynamo Web Solutions include website and graphic design, content creation and marketing, and social media management. Additionally, Dynamo Web Solutions prides itself on being a premier search engine optimization firm in Orange County. Our team of search engine optimization (SEO) experts utilizes knowledge of search engine rankings and algorithms in order to drive your web pages to the top of search engine result pages organically. Through the use of fresh, engaging content that includes strategically placed keywords and terms, your users and potential patients will be exposed to your site’s high visibility and encouraged to click through, where relevant and recent content will be ready for them to view.

One of the first steps of our search engine optimization services will involve creating a list of search phrases and terms most directly related to your website and will be effective in making your site visible.

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What exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimization is essentially a collection of different strategies and techniques that allow a website to get a higher ranking on search engine result pages. However, all of these strategies and techniques are centered in quality content and keywords. Search engines use “spiders” to look through websites to find the keywords that users are searching for, and websites that use them most effectively will be ranked higher in result pages than those that do not. Since placement is so important in SEO, having a professional set up your website and optimize your content is key.

At our search engine optimization firm in Orange County, we only use valuable and legitimate SEO techniques. There are other firms that use what we call black hat techniques for SEO, which is essentially spamming. Although these techniques get quick results by raising website rankings on search engines, the result are only temporary. The keyword stuffing, link selling, and sneaky redirects fall short of providing quality content and do not maintain a solid visitor rate.

What will happen if I ignore SEO for my business?

It’s hard to specify the value of search engine optimization. It brings your practice a combination of visibility, credibility, and valued traffic that translates to revenue. With the way that the internet has changed the world of business, SEO is an imperative tool when it comes to marketing your practice effectively. Unless you’re a very small entitiy working only through patient referrals and nothing else, you need to make SEO a part of your plan. Our search engine optimization firm in Orange County can help determine the best ways to optimize your content for search engines and our experts will do the hard work of creating the content for you. A combination of good SEO techniques with solid products and/or services is a winning mix.

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Once you learn about search engine optimization and the role it plays in your website’s performance, it can be tempting to try your hand at handling the basics yourself. There are even a lot of articles and tools online that can useful for small business owners attempting to manage SEO themselves.

However, SEO is not a straightforward science. There are a lot of moving pieces and factors that go along with boosting a page’s rank in search engines. Engines like Google and Bing don’t reveal exactly what formula they use to determine a page’s rank, so it’s up to an SEO expert to evaluate a page’s current factors (and the competition’s) in order to determine what it really needs.

If you use an SEO expert for your practice, like our search engine optimization firm in Orange County, you can skip the learning curve and guessing and go straight to increasing your page ranks.

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