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At Dynamo Web Solutions, our experts recognize that part of marketing your health care practice involves creating a web presence. A lot of factors go in to creating a stable web presence, like social media, search engine optimization, and generating fresh content for your web pages. One of the most important factors is prime web placement, which involves the process of placing your practice’s name and website right where it needs to be – at the top of search engine result pages. By using market research, keyword studies, and traffic statistics, Dynamo Web Solutions can put together a flat monthly fee for your practice that utilizes ads online, as opposed to traditional pay-per-click ads that can unpredictably rack up your costs each month. Although this type of advertising is not free, the potential patients that it will drive to your website will create the opportunity for increased revenue with your growing web presence.

Are there any benefits of pay-per-click ads?

Useful link thumb 24 - Prime Web PlacementThere are certainly benefits to using pay-per-click ads for your website. These advertisements are placed on blogs, websites, and search engine result pages that are relevant to your services. They have an advantage over search engine optimization because it plays off of the customer’s already established interest in your industry, rather than relying on the user to search for the right keywords and then stumble upon your website. And since pay-per-click ads only cost your practice marketing dollars when they generate clicks, you are able to only pay for the interactions they generate. However, search engine optimization and monthly sponsored ads are also important aspects of web marketing. Our prime web placement experts are available to help strike the perfect balance of web placement focus for your practice.

How does Dynamo web placement work?

Our web placement services begin with evaluating your practice’s needs. No two businesses will benefit the same way from one uniform web placement campaign, so we make sure to provide you with the options that will be best for you based on your target demographic and your industry type. These web placement plans are designed to go hand in hand with a search engine optimization campaign, so that your practice gets the benefit of organic, gradual visibility and instant visibility. Because of the different needs of our clients, the exact price of your web placement marketing campaign will depend on what we determine your key focus to be.

Useful link thumb 27 - Prime Web PlacementHowever, we make sure that there are no surprises when it comes to this aspect of your marketing. Even though pay-per-click ads cost marketing dollars only when they are clicked on, we make sure that you have a low, flat monthly rate that sets a target amount for you – so you are never paying more than you want for your prime web placement.

Once we establish a strategic balance of pay-per-click ads and sponsored ads, we will begin implementing that plan along with search engine optimization so that you can see your website receive the traffic you’ve hoped for.

Why should I hire an expert for web placement?

Your prime web placement services can be much more effective when you turn to a web marketing team to help you. At Dynamo Web Solutions, our internet marketing experts are aware of the wording and design of your ads that will encourage a greater amount of clicks. This translates to more visitors to your website, and in turn, a greater number of new patients. Turning to an experienced team can make all the difference between ads that fall short and ads that successfully deliver.

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