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Once Dynamo Web Solutions helps you create your website and social media pages, our focus turns to maintaining your pages with fresh content and marketing your health care practice on the Internet. Our Orange County internet marketing company focuses on search engine marketing, article marketing, and social media marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

While search engine optimization (SEO) involves the creation of user-friendly content that increases your site’s rankings organically over time, search engine marketing (SEM) takes a different and quicker approach to make your website visible to potential patients. If you choose to take advantage of it and wish to invest the initial marketing funds, Dynamo can set you up with pay-per-click ads that will take you to the top of relevant searches. Visitors will see your page before competitor pages and as a result, you will see increased clicks to your website from individuals who ideally turn into regular patients.

Article Marketing

Useful link thumb 20 - Orange County Internet Marketing CompanyAn important aspect of increasing traffic for your website is creating unique and organic content for your web page. At Dynamo Web Solutions, we utilize a team of experienced writers to create content for your website, such as articles and press releases, which are optimized for search engines. Our team then distributes these pieces to outlets or websites that will deliver the most impact. Although the focus of your practice’s article marketing will be tailored to your particular market, article marketing often includes the utilization for sister websites and professional wire services. In addition to the use of relevant keyword phrases, your website’s articles will also include high quality images that are designed by our graphic design team. At our Orange County internet marketing company, our goal is to bring the content creation, graphic design, and distribution of your content together in a way that drives traffic to your website and improves your practice’s image.

Social Media Marketing

Useful link thumb 2 - Orange County Internet Marketing CompanySocial media is the heart of the internet right now – it allows friends, family members, colleagues, and anyone with similar interests to instantly connect and share valuable information with one another. As a business owner, you need to take advantage of these connections and the ability to spread ideas and promotions quickly and effectively. At Dynamo Web Solutions, an Orange County internet marketing company, we have found that potential patients are likely to check your social media pages to really get a feel for your company or to see how you interact with or respond to your fans and followers.

We don’t want to let such a great opportunity for brand awareness and improvement to go to waste. That’s why our services start with website design and continue through all different types of online marketing, including a focus on social media. Our experts are trained and experienced in the various aspects of social media tools and how to get you noticed by your target demographic. And since social media is always changing and shifting, we are ready to adapt.

Why should I hire an expert for internet marketing?

If you are familiar with the internet and any of the most popular social media platforms, you might be wondering why you can’t just handle your practice’s own internet marketing tasks, especially if you are confident that you could pick up the skills required. The answer is simple: time. Internet marketing takes a lot of time spent analyzing, checking metrics, creating content, sharing, and interacting. By counting on an experienced internet marketing expert, like the team at our Orange County internet marketing company, you can focus on the other aspects of your health care practice that require your attention.

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