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While the first step of our services includes the design and creation of your social media pages and website, the long term support of Dynamo Web Solutions is centered on consistently providing your pages with new and engaging content while marketing the content and your practice online. Our internet marketing in Orange County, CA involves search engine marketing, social media marketing, and article marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is different from search engine optimization (SEO). While the latter emphasizes the creation of content that is designed to increase the rankings of your website naturally, the former is a faster and more direct way to get your web pages to the top of search engines. Although an emphasis on SEO is always important to your website, investing in direct search engine marketing provides you with pay-per-click advertisements that will be automatically placed at the top of web searches.

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Most individuals in the United States utilize some sort of social media platform. Millions of interactions occur via social media on a daily basis, and many of these interactions are between customers and businesses. Since social media is such a prevalent part of today’s world, it is imperative to make sure that your health care practice gets in on the action. Even if your services or products are not exclusively offered online – or even if your services are mostly conducted offline – a social media marketing strategy will still help your potential patients see that you are active and relevant in today’s market. Our internet marketing Orange County, CA firm allows you to take advantage of social media outlets like Facebook and Google+ and provide you with a fun and interactive way to strengthen your web presence and reach your patients.

Article Marketing

Part of making sure that your website reaches the top of search engine result pages also involves creating unique and informative content for your potential patientss. Part of our internet marketing in Orange County, CA services include creating this content for you and then marketing it effectively using search engine optimization (SEO) in order to deliver more traffic to your site. We begin by using market and industry research to determine the best keywords and phrases that should be used in your content, and then our experts make sure that it is used strategically – which involves a balance of frequency and organic use. Above everything else, we make sure that your content is relevant to your industry and informative and helpful for your website visitors. We only want to market articles that are useful and work well for your practice, placing your company in a positive light and helping to establish your brand as an expert in the field.

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In addition to internet marketing in Orange County, CA and other areas, Dynamo Web Solutions assists doctors, surgeons, and health care providers with the creation of their websites. We have a team of graphic designers and web designers that work to create intuitive, modern websites that are tailored to emphasize your brand and logo and offer a unified presence online.

If you are looking for an e-commerce website, whether it is a complement to your current business or your store will exist entirely online, our experts can help you set up and manage a user-friendly and dynamic online store.

Finally, our services include a prominent focus on search engine optimization in order to help boost your page rankings to the top of search engines. If you are in need of a service that relates to your practice’s online presence in any way, our team at Dynamo is ready to help.

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