Silicon Valley Pain Clinic

Allied Pain & Spine Institute (APSI) was founded by Dr. James Petros in 2013. Recognizing shortcomings of traditional pain clinics while at same time understanding the true potential of pain medicine, in his early career Dr. Petros repeatedly dismissed conformity and invitations to established pain physician groups and opted instead to focus on creating a futuristic treatment model with higher expectations for best practice. His brand of medicine (the springboard of the “Allied Movement”) would be built on one simple, powerful, but often overlooked idea: The best of pain care is witnessed when diversified, talented, and compassionate medical providers form an alliance to provide multidimensional services.

And so in 2013, the APSI standard was formally born. Since its inception, APSI has rapidly expanded from a small private office in San Jose, California to an elite, visionary, multi-center, outpatient organization in the San Francisco Bay Area.

At our center, you will find compassionate and experienced medical professionals from many different specialties. This approach allows us to provide every patient with the absolute best care, the latest technologies, and a customized treatment plan.

  • 1) We place an emphasis on minimally-invasive and conservative treatments
  • 2) Our award-winning staff provides care that is unparalleled in the industry and in the area
  • 3) We provide treatment plans and rehab solutions for any acute or chronic pain condition
  • 4) We rely on cutting-edge research and the latest in developments in pain management
  • 5) We focus on overall quality of life and absolute wellness
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