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The Importance of Reviews for Your Practice 600x400 - Blog & Articles

The Importance of Reviews for Your Practice

If your medical practice has any online presence at all, like on Facebook, Google+, or listing sites, your current and former patients likely…
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6 Ways to Get Patient Referrals Online 600x400 - Blog & Articles

6 Ways to Get Patient Referrals Online

For any provider looking to increase the amount of new patients visiting their offices, traditional marketing – while it has a place –…
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How Does SEO Work 600x400 - Blog & Articles

How Does SEO Work?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most efficient ways that the internet is connecting individuals with products, services, and businesses. It…
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Social Media Statistics 600x400 - Blog & Articles

Social Media Statistics

Social media is one of the most primary forms of communication in the age of modern technology. These platforms allow users to express…
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Viral Marketing Basics 600x400 - Blog & Articles

Viral Marketing Basics

Viral marketing is an approach that allows a large audience to be reached at a very fast rate. These marketing tools are generally…
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Graphic Design Tricks of the Trade 600x400 - Blog & Articles

Graphic Design: Tricks of the Trade

Graphic design is integral when it comes to ad campaigns, billboards, and any kind of visual media. Graphic designers are also responsible for…
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The Significance of Google For Your Business 600x400 - Blog & Articles

The Significance of Google+ For Your Business

In an age of digital advertising and online marketing, a strong internet presence is essential to the life of a business. The social…
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Creating a Great Email Newsletter 600x400 - Blog & Articles

Creating a Great Email Newsletter

Do you use an email newsletter to communicate with your customers or clients? If so, you likely recognize that this method is a…
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Business With An Online Presence Avoid These Mistakes 600x400 - Blog & Articles

Business With An Online Presence? Avoid These Mistakes

While the world is turning to the internet for nearly everything, many businesses are also following suit. These businesses might have an online…
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e commerce trends could your business benefit 600x400 - Blog & Articles

E-Commerce Trends: Could Your Business Benefit?

E-commerce solutions have become incredibly popular. It’s a relatively easy way to reach customers all over the world so that they can purchase…
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